link Pappy Kojo calls out for Yvonne Nelson in Sarkodie’s ‘Trumpet’ | Entertainment 2016-12-12


Fans of ‘sark’ nation are going wild over the rapper’s latest song “trumpet” which features Tee Phlow, Koo Ntakra, Medikal, Strong Man, Donzy and Pappy Kojo.

The song has been trending on all social media platforms with fans of the various featured artistes battling on “whose lyric was hotter than who.” Being a fan of rap music, I think it was pretty obvious that Strong man murdered the entire song with his strong lines, followed by Tee Phlow and then Pappy Kojo; these three (3) raised bar without sweat!

What tickled me was the Fante Van damme’s cry for Actress Yvonne Nelson in his last line “fr3 Yvonne Nelson, ka kyer3 no d3 me hia no” which translates to “call Yvonne Nelson and tell her that I need her”.

Does this confirm the rumors of how the supposed affair between the two sadly hit the rocks? Did Yvonne really dump Pappy Kojo and is he really begging for a come back?



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